August 2012: Staying Cool

August days with heat can be oppressive where it sucks the energy right out of you before you take more than a few steps out the door. Heat shimmering, sweat dripping and just the feeling of being uncomfortable. In Texas we have few more months of the heat before it cools down. In the scorching heat this month, one drink that promises to bring relief is our margaritas! Have a glass or order our signature jumbo glass. Look no further then these refreshers that will put a pep back in your step.

Frozen Margarita swirled with Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango, Melon, Peach or Pomegranate

The Wave
Frozen Margarita topped with Sangria

The Green Goblin
Jumbo House Frozen Margarita with a Bottle of XX Lager

July 2012: Tamales History

Warning, this blog might be harmful to your waistline.

Take a holiday to Mexico and you’ll have the chance to tuck into a wide range of tasty cuisine that draws on a number of influences. At Cyclone Anaya we are known for several signature Mexican dishes and our Jumbo Margarita drinks. One delicacy that is probably unlike anything else you have ever tried before is our Lobster Enchiladas or our Jumbo Crab Nachos.

Another option is to order our Besty’s Tamales that don’t disappoint and is an iconic Mexican dish. Did you know – Dating back to pre-Columbian times, these consist of steamed packets of corn dough containing either a sweet or savoury filling that are then wrapped in either banana leaves or corn husks. The size of the tamal you eat, as well as the filling inside it, varies depending where in Mexico you are.

July 2012: 6 Months In Review

It’s hard to believe, but July is almost gone, meaning we’re into the next half of 2012. So, it’s as good a time as any to take a look back at the first six months of this year. We under went some changes such as: a better refined menu, we streamlined our social media efforts and our Cinco de Mayo event is always a huge success due to all of you, our customers and fans.

Looking forward, we are spreading our wings and opening our 1st location outside of Texas in Fairfax, Virginia in the Fall this year. So please spread the news to family or friends living close by or visiting the area. They might have the opportunity to be invited to our private Grand Opening night. Stay tuned!