$5 Jumbo Margaritas are Back! - Cyclone Anaya's Mexican Restaurant

$5 Jumbo Margaritas are Back!

We’re going BIG again this year for National Margarita Day! On Thursday, February 22nd, better known as National Margarita Day, we’re offering Houston’s Original Jumbo Margarita for just $5 when you purchase an entree. That’s the same price we had way back in 1978 when we were the first to introduce the jumbo margarita to Houston!

Throwback pricing on our famous jumbo house margarita is the perfect way to celebrate your favorite, quintessentially Texan, cocktail. Our time-tested secret recipe is refreshing and strong, just like our founder, the famous Wrestler, Cyclone Anaya! Did you know when we came up with the idea for the jumbo that we had to serve them in giant beer goblets, because the glassware didn’t even exist yet? We still serve them in similar glasses today!

You can take advantage of this special all-day, so plan your lunch, dinner, snack breaks, and anything else you can think of accordingly! All six of our Houston-area locations, including The Woodlands, will be participating. The promotion only applies to our Jumbo House Margarita after you’ve ordered an entree. No one should dive into jumbo margaritas on an empty stomach, right?

Now that we’ve taken care of your Margarita Day plans, the only thing you need to worry about is “Frozen or Rocks?” and “Salt or No Salt?”!

Be safe and enjoy it!