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jason-gould-chef-blog-header Jason_Bio_CollageJason Gould joined the Cyclone Anaya’s family in January 2010 as the Research and Development Chef. He works closely with the founder’s son, Rico Valencia, in continuing the traditions of the Cyclone Anaya’s Mexican Kitchen menu as well as creating new ones. A native of Australia, Gould brings 20 years of dedicated, specialty restaurant experience from his native country, as well as the United Kingdom, to the venture.

In 1991, after four years of study, Gould received his Certificate of Apprenticeship, Cookery, from Dandenong College in Australia. His career began in a variety of kitchen posts at respected restaurants throughout the country. Most notably, he worked at the acclaimed Michelin-rated Mirabelle restaurant in London, where he served as sous chef under famed Chef Marco Pierre White.

In 2001, he ended a successful stint as chef de partie at a five-star French restaurant in Tyrol, Austria’s Vital Dorint Royal Hotel, to dip his hand in the kitchens of New York City. However, career opportunities proved to be scarce in the wake of 9/11 and Gould would later regroup in Houston, where he had several relatives. Driving down Montrose Boulevard, Aries caught his eye, resulting in an unannounced visit and near immediate hire. Gould served as chef de cuisine for over two years at Aries, receiving widespread praise by both critics and gourmands alike.

In July of 2005, Gould became the chef and co-owner of Gravitas, a modern bistro in Houston’s historic Fourth Ward/Midtown area. The restaurant and lounge featured classic, hearty fare interpreted in the French style. Gravitas was selected as New Restaurant of the Year in 2005 by Texas Monthly. In 2006 Gould was named Up-and-Coming Chef of the Year by My Table, and received its top honor in 2007, as Chef of the Year. After the Gravitas partnership was dissolved, Gould sought the opportunity to become the Research and Development Chef at Cyclone Anaya’s, and was officially named part of the restaurant’s family in January 2010 (lucky us!).

As Research and Development Chef, Gould will help plan future endeavors including the development of new restaurant concepts.