Due to supply-chain challenges related to COVID-19, availability of certain ingredients or food options may vary by location.

If you haven’t already heard, Crawfish Season is in full swing! People are searching far and wide for tasty “mud bugs” to munch on. We’re diving head-first into the craze this year with a Signature Cyclone’s Crawfish Boil on top of our annual seasonal favorite, Crawfish Enchiladas!

Just like everything at Cyclone Anaya’s, we’re doing our first Crawfish Boil BIG! You won’t find any scrawny crawdads here. We’ve chosen some of the biggest crawfish in Houston to give you a big reward for all of that peeling. You’ll also find unmatched flavor under those bright red shells, as Chef Jason Gould has put together the perfect signature spice blend. While not too spicy, they have the perfect amount of the Cajun heat you’re looking for. Each pound of crawfish will be served with potatoes and grilled corn for just $8.50. If you like the potatoes and corn as much as we think you will, you can order an extra serving for $1.50.

To help wash everything down, we’re making happy hour margarita and beer prices available to anyone ordering crawfish, no matter what time of day. There’s nothing better than a jumbo margarita or cold beer to go along with a few pounds of crawfish! You can try them out at our location in the Heights, on Durham, every Thursday and Friday, all day, and on Saturdays from 1PM to 6PM, or until they’re all gobbled up!

As always, we’re also offering our Crawfish Enchiladas, a fan favorite! With crawfish tails sautéed in garlic butter, wrapped in tortillas, and served with chipotle cream sauce, how could they not be? If you’re looking for a new spin on your favorite Cajun flavors, this dish is for you. You can find this seasonal special at all of our Texas locations, seven days a week.

Between our Cyclone’s Signature Crawfish by the pound and Crawfish Enchiladas, Cyclone Anaya’s is a mud bug lover’s dream! Grab your friends and swing by to try these seasonal specials while they last. Laissez les bon temps rouler!