Due to supply-chain challenges related to COVID-19, availability of certain ingredients or food options may vary by location.

Sustainability and responsible sourcing matters, which is why we actively search for ingredients that are more sustainable and closer to home. We believe that making these changes can make a real difference in the environment and the health of our communities. Not to mention the fact that they improve the quality and taste of our dishes!

We’ve started implementing two major changes that you will start to see in all of our restaurants soon: The use of chicken from an American Humane Certified farm and eco-friendly sweeteners.

Chickens in the barn at Danny Thornton's poultry operation in Carthage, MS.

Springer Mountain Farms (SMF) will now supply their all natural chicken for many of our dishes. They have been certified by the American Humane Association because of the unique and thoughtful way they raise and care for their chickens.

Springer Mountain Farms raises their chickens without the use of cages, hormones, antibiotics, animal by-product feed and more. There are a TON of amazing benefits from their methods, which result in healthier, happier, and tastier chickens. Even the corn and soybeans used to feed their flock is tested and approved in a USDA certified laboratory!

The other major change we’re implementing is a pivot to more eco-friendly sweeteners. How much of an impact will a switch in sweeteners have? Much bigger than you may have thought! Cyclone Anaya’s will now exclusively use ecoStick sweeteners, which has made some small tweaks on traditional sweeteners to enact big change.

ecostickThese sweeteners use less, more efficient, packaging which reduces their carbon footprint by almost 50%. They also use 50% less filler than traditional sweeteners. Those efficiencies can really add up. Consider this: If all Americans switched to ecoStick for one year, we would save 274,000 pounds of paper, 75,000 pounds of cardboard, and 1.37 million pounds of corn! All ecoStick sweeteners are non-GMO as well, which alleviates concerns for many of our customers.

The changes that we have made with Springer Mountain Farms and ecoStick are just the beginning! We are still looking for more eco-friendly and local suppliers to increase quality and decrease environmental impact. If you have any ideas, please email cycloneanayamanagement@cycloneanaya.com or post them to our Facebook or Twitter page. We’d love to hear from you!