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Houston’s Original Jumbo Margarita

The Jumbo Margarita has become a staple in Houston, as many recent Super Bowl visitors quickly found out! But did you know this gargantuan refreshment originated right here at Cyclone Anaya’s? We’ve been serving this colossal cocktail since we invented it in 1978! Since then, the craze has grown even bigger than the jumbo glass it resides in. This is how it all got started.

Cyclone Anaya’s has, and always will be, a family owned and operated restaurant. Back in the 1970’s, the whole family was intimately involved in day-to-day operations and service. Grandparents, children, including current owners Rico and Vienna, and cousins helped out anywhere they were needed. Vienna and her Grandfather, known as “CP” or “Chop-Chop” because of his vegetable chopping duties, worked behind the bar.

At that time, and since they opened in 1966, Cyclone Anaya’s was a beer bar. With 18 different beers on tap, an incredible selection at the time, customers were happy and regular. Many of those beers were served in large Coors goblets. While business was booming, Cyclone knew the addition of liquor drinks would grow the customer base even more, so he decided to send Vienna to bartending school.

Upon her graduation, she returned and began to concoct the first Cyclone Anaya’s margarita. The whole family was involved, trying and sampling all kinds of ingredients and portions to find just the right mix, and eventually, they did.

Cyclone Anaya was larger-than-life, not surprising for a world champion wrestling superstar, so it was only natural for the first margarita served to be larger-than-life, too! One problem: no one made margarita glasses that big! They would instead use the huge Coors goblets to serve their jumbo margaritas.

Cyclone Anaya’s began selling the first jumbo margaritas in Houston in 1978 for just five dollars, and they were an immediate hit! Local politicians, football players, visiting wrestlers, and the community at-large flocked to the restaurant for the mighty drink (as anyone who’s tried them knows, mighty in more ways than one!). From that moment on, the jumbo margarita became a staple in Houston and our signature cocktail.

For almost 40 years now we’ve used the same time-tested recipe for our margaritas, and they’re as popular as ever. We’re so lucky to have so many loyal guests and employees who have helped us continue this tradition our family started so long ago. We hope you can stop by again soon for Houston’s Original Jumbo Margarita!

Meet Al: Cyclone Anaya’s Featured Fan

Photo Submitted by Al L.
Photo Submitted by Al L.

At Cyclone Anaya’s we are lucky to have so many regular customers and committed fans. They come from diverse backgrounds and find us in different ways, but they all seem to love Cyclone’s for the same reasons: delicious food, refreshing drinks, and most importantly, amazing service. One of these folks is Al L., who is also one of the most active fans on our Facebook page.

Al has been a regular at our Midtown location for a long time, in fact, practically since we opened there! He was introduced to Cyclone Anaya’s by a friend who was familiar with our story. They anxiously awaited the opening of the restaurant on Gray Street, and when it opened, they fell in love.

Al says he immediately felt welcome by the kind and attentive service from the bartenders, waitstaff, and managers. The food and drink were to his liking, too. Al calls our margaritas the best in town and raves about the nachos (his wife loves the tres leches). He’s somewhat of a connoisseur, too. He says he’s tried margaritas at many other restaurants, and they don’t measure up, even turning some away at first taste. What sets our food and drink apart, to him, is the quality and freshness of the ingredients, care in preparation, and the large portions.

Right from the get-go, Cyclone’s in Midtown became a frequent hangout for him and his friends, some traveling from as far away as Humble! It wasn’t long before the staff recognized him and he developed a bond with some of the other regulars. He says he’s met people from all walks of life at Cyclone’s who have become good friends: attorneys, engineers, realtors, entrepreneurs, and more.

Photo Submitted by Al L.
Photo Submitted by Al L.

Al and his friends attend Cyclone’s religiously during the week, and especially around sporting events. Home or away, he makes it a point to stop by. It’s a convenient pregame spot for home games and a perfect place to catch all the action during away games. He especially likes the recent addition of even more TVs around the bar. A fixture at Sunday brunch with his wife, Al even became an active part of the entertainment, by being hired on as a DJ for awhile!

We’re so happy that Al has made so many memories and meaningful relationships at our restaurant. We strive to give the same experience to all of our customers through friendly, welcoming service and delicious food and drink. If we’ve lived up to our goal, please tell us about it on Yelp, Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

Photo Submitted by Al L.
Photo Submitted by Al L.