Virginia Archives - Cyclone Anaya's Mexican Restaurant

November 2012: Opening in Northern Virginia’s Mosaic District

Published by the Washington post – The forthcoming Cyclone Anaya’s in the Mosaic District will have little in common with the influx of taquerias in the Washington area The 200-plus seat restaurant will, like its operations in Houston and Dallas, channel the casual refinement of a national dining chain, the nightlife booziness of a clubby watering hole and the high-chair homeyness of a family eatery. It’s refined suburban Tex-Mex for people who find Uncle Julio’stoo kiddie-intensive.

“We’re going to do a margarita cart here,” Valencia mentions, noting that it might include the use of liquid nitrogen. “We’re going to make tableside margaritas.”

Likewise, Cyclone Anaya’s menu will split the difference between down-and-dirty Tex-Mex and the chef-driven Mexican-inspired cuisine. It’ll run the gamut from chile con queso to cheese enchiladas to spicy grilled salmon and lobster enchiladas with a white-wine cream sauce. “So if you’re in an office building and somebody says, ‘Hey, I want Tex-Mex,’ and somebody says, ‘Hey, I want a burger,’ we’ve got both,” Gould says. “Now the burger will be flavors of Tex-Mex.”

If this sounds like a Tex-Mex chain with ambitions, that’s because it is. Rico Valencia says that he hopes to open five Cyclone Anaya’s in the general area, including one he already has planned for Charlottesville in the near future. The Cyclone team also has been scouting locations for Boston and Chicago.

In the meantime, however, the team hopes to open in the Mosaic District in 2013.

July 2012: 6 Months In Review

It’s hard to believe, but July is almost gone, meaning we’re into the next half of 2012. So, it’s as good a time as any to take a look back at the first six months of this year. We under went some changes such as: a better refined menu, we streamlined our social media efforts and our Cinco de Mayo event is always a huge success due to all of you, our customers and fans.

Looking forward, we are spreading our wings and opening our 1st location outside of Texas in Fairfax, Virginia in the Fall this year. So please spread the news to family or friends living close by or visiting the area. They might have the opportunity to be invited to our private Grand Opening night. Stay tuned!