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As many of you know, Cyclone Anaya’s Mexican Kitchen takes pride in the family tradition that was born in the beginning of this journey. We would like to thank and recognize the star himself, Cyclone Anaya. In reading this blog, we hope to spread the love, memory, and tradition of our founder, a man of greatness.

The story of Cyclone Anaya is a one of a kind and began in 1966. As just a young boy, he embarked his career in the wrestling world. Shortly after, he became the Champion of Mexico at the age of 17. As the years past, Cyclone Anaya, also known by his family as Papa, pushed his wresting career to the United States and captivated the hearts of millions of fans.

During this time, he met his true love, Carolina- a former Miss Houston. Their love allowed them to grow together and become an unstoppable team. Married for over 50 years, they built a family together as well as a tradition. With the excitement of receiving numerous championship titles, Cyclone and Carolina also had the joy of parenting 5 wonderful children. After a career ending incident he and Carolina began their journey with life after wrestling, having 5 children. In an effort to provide for their family, they pulled together against all odds and created a small business, starting in Houston, Tx, that still thrives today. The business was full of pride and dignity, and the legacy is still carried on. Rico, the youngest son, is now the owner and operator of Cyclone Anaya’s. His right hand man, or lady I should say, is his sister Vienna.

Cyclone Anaya’s has been serving the great people of Houston for almost 50 years. They decided to expand their delicious, homemade family recipes and favorite drinks to Dallas and Fairfax, VA. Cyclone’s has become a true Texas Legacy, serving genuine family hospitality with great tradition. There is true dedication for the homemade recipes and favorite drinks that are produced from each location you can enjoy.

Welcome everyone, and thank you for stopping by! We are excited to express our passions, tradition, and happenings with you

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Cyclone Anaya & family