Due to supply-chain challenges related to COVID-19, availability of certain ingredients or food options may vary by location.

¡Saludos, amigos! We are open—Dine in with us today!

Holy Guacamole—Cyclone Anaya’s is back! Thanks to the Governor’s guidelines, all of our Houston-area locations re-open today, May 11. Join us for the hot, fresh enchiladas, fajitas, carnes asadas, tacos, margaritas and more that you’ve been craving!We want to assure our guests that we take hygiene very seriously and are committed to welcoming you with safe, clean restaurants every day. We will follow the guidelines of the Texas Restaurant Promise until the virus is no longer a threat, and we urge you to do the same! In accordance with Texas government recommendations, our dining rooms will operate at 25 percent capacity and our patios will operate at full capacity.We willstill proudly offer curbside takeout and delivery through our digital partners. Today and every day, we look forward to serving you just the way you prefer. Our full menu is available! Contact us today to order.